Our Strategy

Access to pre-IPO private equity investments in targeted high-growth, high-value companies unlocks outsized returns that are typically not available to public market investors

Capitalize on changing market dynamics

Companies are staying private longer and growing to higher valuations before going public.  This leaves retail investors waiting on the sidelines, forced to gamble on a potential post-IPO bubble as institutional investors reap the rewards of earlier investment.  Access to pre-IPO equity levels this playing field. 

Invest in a diverse portfolio of high growth companies

We invest in startups that are attacking large markets ripe for disruption and that have demonstrated their ability for sustainable growth.  Additionally, similar to the value of investing in an ETF for diversity, our funds provide exposure to companies spanning multiple industries, products and services.   

Access shares at a discounted valuation

While institutional investors often invest in startups at ever increasing valuation levels, we pursue targeted acquisitions of small blocks of equity from early investors and employees, typically providing us a discounted entry point compared to the last fund raises. 

Pre-IPO Equity Model Portfolio

The following are holdings in the SFP Pre-IPO Equity Model Portfolio which was the inspiration for our Pre-IPO Equity fund offerings. The Model Portfolio has seen a number of exits since its inception in 2019 and is expected to significantly outperform expectations

Lemonade (Exited)

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Palantir (Exited)

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