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US Real Estate Strategy

Invest in our US Real Estate strategies for a robust inflation hedge, dependable income, and significant tax benefits. With our strategic approach, experience both substantial capital growth with the stability of tangible underlying assets.

Growth, Safety, and Flexibility

We target dynamic growth markets experiencing population growth and robust job creation, with support from local institutions.

Our multifamily properties are selected for their value-add potential. We focus on enhancing living standards to secure higher returns, offering tenants quality housing, and ensuring long-term capital appreciation for our investors.

Our affordable housing strategy delivers high-quality homes accessible to middle-class Americans, focusing on a shorter-term investment time horizon with a clear vision for capital appreciation.

Multifamily Investment Timeline


Year 0

  • Deal sourcing
  • Due diligence
  • Financing
  • Close


Year 1-4

  • Professional property management
  • Increase property attractiveness
  • Turn over problematic, low rent tenants
  • Renovate individual units
  • Attract higher quality tenants


Year 5-10

  • Stabilize management of property
  • Dividend distribution to investors
  • Long-term capital investment where necessary
  • Potential return of capital (refinance option)


Year 10+

  • Liquidate for capital gains or continue to hold for income


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